TuneMatic Tech support PAGE

For questions not answered here or the FAQ, you can
Email TuneMatic support, or contact JT Communications at 352-236-0744 (USA) during normal business hours, Eastern Time zone.

TuneMatic Instruction Manual (Manual Ver 11, firmware 5.5 (auto-retune feature).

TuneMatic Instruction Manual *CURENT REVISION 11/2021* (Manual Ver 12, firmware 6.x).

TuneMatic Instruction Manual (original – Espanol)

Interface detail page– Here you will find information  on the all of the rigs that interface directly  with TuneMatic.

The TM1 main unit cable identifier drawing.

TuneMatic system wiring/connection details.

TuneMatic Amplifier option instructions

Using Elecraft KXPA100 amplifier with TuneMatic

Using TuneMatic with Elecraft KXPA100 amplifier and PX3 panadapter

Remote button detailed technical information

TuneMatic schematic (REV B)

TuneMatic interface schematic (comprehensive drawing)

TuneMatic AMP option relay install instructions

TuneMatic AMP option relay install istructions(older PCB)

TuneMatic Troubleshooting flowchart (also can be used to check TuneMatic LITE)

TuneMatic LITE:
TuneMatic LITE instruction manual

TuneMatic LITE schematic (PDF)

TuneMatic LITE operational video

TuneMatic DUO / D.A.

TM DUO operation manual(oriinal design)

TM DUO operation manual (latest release 3/11/23)

TM D.A. operation manual (latest release 3/11/23)

TuneMatic ATA

TuneMatic ATA-1 operation manual

PIGTAIL DETAIL- For use when connecting antennas that require a motor pigtail (Scorpion and HI-Q)

Motor pigtail dongle detail(PDF)

Wiring pigtail to HI-Q antenna(PDF)

Wiring pigtail to SCORPION antenna(PDF)


Specific tech support information from responded  emails – look HERE if you haven’t found your specific problem..

TM1 RS232 serial data messages(for advanced users)..


Scott Farrell KE4WMF TuneMatic TM1 operation video (used with permission)

Changing the firmware in the TM1 video (courtesy Slavko VE3XYD)

Robert Young(TarHeel antenna designer) explaining how to clean a TarHeeel antenna video(HamRadioNow Episode 2, Part 11)

WD3D shows the TuneMatic LITE in use with Scorpion antenna (courtesy Eddie, WD3D)

Orlando Hamcation ’23 interview by HOAham, showing new dual controller and ATAS product demos.


TuneMatic Pulse sensor troubleshooting..

TuneMatic Motor drive troubleshooting..


Warranty information and how to obtain warranty service.

NOTE: Firmware updates are available from time to time.  Contact factory for latest version. The fee is $5.00, plus shipping, and return of old firmware (USA customers only – to keep cost down). Updates are announced on the Facebook page, and the left panel of the main screen.

RMA FORM Please print and complete this form, and include with your repair return. PLEASE OONTACT FACTORY TO OBTAIN RMA NUMBER PRIOR TO RETURNING ANY PRODUCT REPAIR.

Updated 5/2/23