Terms & Conditions

JT Communications, LLC provides a number of easy ways for you to place an order. You can order factory direct, or through the dealers and distributors listed on the website.

JT Communications, LLC Telephone Hours:
The telephone hours of operation are from 9:00am until 5:30pm, Eastern Time, excluding US national holidays.

Shipping method:
All products are shipped via the US Postal Service, both locally and internationally.

If you find it necessary to expedite shipments, USPS has Express delivery services available at an extra cost. Please request charges for these services at the time you place your order. For customers in Alaska or Hawaii, most items can be shipped by USPS standard service, as well as some of the expedited services such as USPS Express. Please contact JT Communications, LLC  for these additional charges.

Shipping rates stated on sites hosted by JT Communications, LLC are for domestic, continental U.S. locations only. International rates will vary by location outside the continental U.S.

Foreign (International) Deliveries:
Products can ship worldwide. Contact JT Communications via email or telephone, with your needs. Shipping quotes and details for placing your foreign order are available. Payment methods include wire/electronic transfer direct to our bank or a check drawn in US funds from a US bank, Paypal, etc. Shipments are made (depending on size) by USPS  Mail, or other international carrier depending upon rates. Some orders to some foreign countries cannot be insured to full value. USPS tracking record is proof of shipment.

Methods of Payment:
Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, PayPal®, American Express® credit/debit cards, or money orders. When using a credit card,  specific information will be required, including you actual credit card number, CVV2 code and the billing zip code. If the card holders BILLING zip code differs from the shipping address zip code, please be sure to specify both addresses and telephone numbers. For your protection,  validity of all credit card purchases is verified through a third-party clearing center. For security purposes, we do NOT retain ANY credit card information after the order is placed. For phone orders, we will not collect credit card information until product is ready to ship.

Personal checks are also gladly accepted however, processing time will delay shipment by 10 business days. PayPal® can be used for orders that desire on-line invoicing.

Purchase Order Procedure:
Written purchase orders will be accepted from city, state, and federal agencies. Commercial organizations that have received prior credit approval from JT Communications, LLC may also submit written purchase orders.  JT Communications, LLC purchase orders require payment on or before the terms defined on the purchase order if accepted by JT Communications, LLC. Surcharge for non-standard credit terms may apply to your pricing. Please indicate that you require terms when calling for price quotes.

Sales Tax:
State and Local laws require JT Communications, LLC to collect and remit state sales/use tax on orders shipped to any locations in Florida. It may also be required to collect sales tax in other states if we are conducting business in that state(hamfests, etc).

Damaged Items delivered by USPS from factory:
If an item ordered from factory is obviously damaged upon receipt, note this with the courier and refuse the merchandise. This item will be returned to JT Communications, LLC and another item will be sent at no additional charge.

If hidden damage is noted, contact JT Communications, LLC as soon as possible. We will arrange to have the damaged merchandise returned from your location. Once the item is received by JT Communications, LLC, a replacement will be sent at no additional charge.

It is the customer’s responsibility to file all loss or damage claims with the applicable courier.

The prices shown on our website are the list price. Prices are subject to change without notice or obligation to the customer.

Incomplete Orders:
If you purchased products from the factory, and anything is missing from your order, please search through all packing materials, as occasionally the smaller parts may be hidden in the package. If the item is not found, notify JT Communications, LLC at once. If purchased from a dealer, contact dealer for instructions.

You must notify JT Communications, LLC within 10 days of receipt of order for replacement of any missing or damaged items of factory-direct orders.

Factory-ordered item returns:
Non-defective items purchased from the factory can be returned within TEN (10) days of receipt for credit or refund. All non-defective returns will be subject to a 20% restocking fee, and in addition, the refund amount is subject to (but not limited to): excessive wear & tear, missing/broken/damaged/modified parts, or excessive scratches/dents. Refund does not include any shipping fees either to or from your shipping location.

Any factory-ordered items cannot be returned for refund after 30 days of date of receipt. Special order items are non-returnable/non-cancellable . All return freight charges are the responsibility of the customer.

All returns must include all items from the order, in the original packaging.

For refunds or credits on items purchased from a dealer, you must contact the dealer that you purchased the product from for their policy on returns.

Warranty Repair:
JT Communications, LLC products carry a 1-year materials and workmanship warranty. The full terms of the warranty are available elsewhere on this website.

Non-Warranty Repair:
JT Communications, LLC will repair any products beyond/past the warranty period. To obtain service, contact factory by telephone or email to arrange for shipment. JT Communications, LLC will repair products at the prevailing rate, plus any freight fees.

You must contact factory prior to returning any items, either warranty or non-warranty, to obtain RMA number.

Dealer-purchased products:
Any issues involving products purchased through a dealer must be handled from the dealer where the product was purchased from. This includes: warranty issues, in-warranty product upgrades/modifications, options, defective merchandise,  incomplete shipments, or otherwise.

Technical support: 
Warranty and non-warranty technical support is available during regular working hours.

Errors and/or Omissions:
Great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of our website. It is our policy to satisfy every customer, however we cannot be responsible for typographical errors on our website.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

Revised: 12/12/22