The TuneMatic DA is self-contained , dual semi-automatic controller that stores and recalls memories, based on user input and rig frequency. Each antenna position can be independently stored manually, and automatically recalled from frequency-based memory ‘windows’ with extremely accurate results. The antennas can be independently programmed and stored, allowing for an infinite combination of tuning combinations of antenna tuning range from 1-60MHz.

Supports any pulse counting antenna,

  • Universally supports over 50 modern and legacy HF transceivers.
  • Two independently controlled antennas in one unit.
  • Simplified installation and setup,
  • Up to 3000 non-volatile memories to store and recall,
  • Frequency-dependent memory recall based on rig transmit frequency,
  • Adjustable current limit set with rear-accessible DIP switches for each
    antenna; current limit setting range: 200-1200 mA, displayed guess-free
    on power-up,
  • Unit ‘wakes-up’ when power is applied,
  • Antenna protected by over-current, missing pulse, and soft-limit features,
  • 2 speed motor control in manual movement, for easy fine-tuning of
    antenna; motor control uses dynamic braking for dead-stopping of antenna,
  • Up/down control for each antenna, with simultaneous movement for both.
  • Logic controlled pulse measurement for accuracy; accurate pulse counting up
    to 9998 counts,
  • Dynamic learning technology- the more it is used, the smarter it gets.
  • Large 4 full digit 0.5”H x 1.5”W bright red LED display for each antenna;
    LED displays memory, pulse count, and system messages,
  • In-line high-impedance T-connection to rig RF output jack for frequency sampling.
  • Antenna ‘park’ feature, re-calibrates pulse count upon parking antenna,
  • Missing pulse detection, stops movement when no pulses are detected on timeout,
  • Fused, filtered, polarity protected operation from 12v DC power source,
  • Rear-panel connections for each antenna with removable screw-down terminal block,
  • Surge protected antenna motor leads.
  • Diecast metal enclosure for optimized RF shielding.
    UP/DOWN direction buttons (each antenna and common up/down).
    Initialize button- to setup antenna limits and ranges
    Store button- to store a memory, which keys rig momentarily, and obtains frequency data from transmit RF.
    Tune button- keys rig momentarily, and moves antenna to stored (or as close to stored memory) data.
    (rear-accessible): Antenna current DIP switch selectors.
    Red & Black fused power leads.
    4-wire removable screw-down terminal block, for each antenna.
    RF UHF ‘T’ Connection to rig for frequency sample,
    Interface cable to rig for keying and power switching control.
    SPECIFY RIG TYPE WHEN ORDERING (price includes rig interface).

Last modified 5/14/23