The ATA-1 is a universal controller for the Yaesu* ATAS* series antennas. It will support over 50 different rig types, and provides antenna tuning through the TuneMatic interface series(which keys the rig at a reduced power level). The user has full control, including: up/down movement, a Tune/PTT button, and a ‘tune-on-the-fly’ control, so that the rig will key while the antenna is moving. A park feature will automatically lower the antenna to the resting position, sensing the current rise as it reaches the bottom of its travel. The ATA=1 will sense over-current, as well as voltage detection, so that it can operate properly. An optically-isolated wired remote control includes all the functions necessary for operation, and includes various status LED’s to indicate movement, errors, and power/tune mode status. The ATA-1 powers on through the rig interface, such that the rig ‘wakes up’ the ATA-1 when the rig power is switched on.


-Simplified installation and setup- operational within minutes of installation,

-Full antenna movement and tune operations-user has absolute control,

-DC power activated from rig power switch; wakes-up on power on of rig,

-Remote control optically isolated for maximum RF protection,

-Supports up to 200W CW power level, 1-50MHz operation,

-Multi-function up/down control, including stagger-tune feature,

-Antenna PARK feature,

-Motor current limit sensing,

-Over/under-voltage detection,

-PTT button for manual ‘spot-check’ tuning,

-PTT Tune mode function, selectable for tune during antenna movement,

-Fused 12v power connection, can be paralleled to rig power source,

-Diecast metal enclosure for maximum RF protection.

*ATAS and Yaesu are registered trademarks of Yaesu, USA and its subsidiaries.

last modified 5/14/23