– Works with any HF radio that contains a PTT line and switched DC power.
– Antenna motor power not drawn from transceiver (does not load rig external DC output).
– Minimized key times when operating- reduces transmit carrier time and band interference issues.
– Simplified ‘plug-n-play’ operation.
– Unique learning technology; the more you program it, the smarter it becomes.
– Operates multiple antennas:(TarHeel, HI-Q, Scorpion, Diamond).
– Internal frequency, pulse count, and SWR sensing technology.
– Supports both manual and fully automatic operation.
– Continuous 1-60 MHz range.
– 3000 memories, frequency/bandwidth dependent.
– Utilized non-volatile EEPROM memory, with over 1 million r/w cycles, with over 15 year retention.
– OPTIONAL automatic RF amplifier bypass during auto-tuning; eliminates need to turn off amp during tuning.
– Self-calibrating  PARK feature.
– Multi-speed motor operation; triple-speed motor control for fine-tuning.
– Programmable motor current limit sensing.
– Remote button interface- optically isolated RFI protected.
– Morse code alert and status messages.
– Automatic rollback on pulse or power failure; operates during antenna pulse sensor failure.
– Triple safety using motor over-current, soft limit, and missing pulse detection.
– Surge/polarity protected 12V DC power input.
– Powers on/off from rig power button.
– Will interface multiple radios, such as: Icom,Kenwood, Yaesu, and Elecraft.
– Firmware field upgradable; seamless, no re-programming necessary when upgrading.
– One-year parts and workmanship warranty.