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– Works with any HF radio that contains a PTT line and switched DC power.
– Antenna motor power not drawn from transceiver (does not load rig external DC output).
– Minimized key times when operating- reduces transmit carrier time and band interference issues.
– Simplified ‘plug-n-play’ operation.
– Unique learning technology; the more you program it, the smarter it becomes.
– Operates multiple antennas:(TarHeel, HI-Q, Scorpion, Diamond).
– Internal frequency, pulse count, and SWR sensing technology.
– Supports both manual and fully automatic operation.
– Continuous 1-60 MHz range.
– 3000 memories, frequency/bandwidth dependent.
– Utilized non-volatile EEPROM memory, with over 1 million r/w cycles, with over 15 year retention.
– OPTIONAL automatic RF amplifier bypass during auto-tuning; eliminates need to turn off amp during tuning.
– Self-calibrating  PARK feature.
– Multi-speed motor operation; triple-speed motor control for fine-tuning.
– Programmable motor current limit sensing.
– Remote button interface- optically isolated RFI protected.
– Morse code alert and status messages.
– Automatic rollback on pulse or power failure; operates during antenna pulse sensor failure.
– Triple safety using motor over-current, soft limit, and missing pulse detection.
– Surge/polarity protected 12V DC power input.
– Powers on/off from rig power button.
– Will interface multiple radios, such as: Icom,Kenwood, Yaesu, and Elecraft.
– Firmware field upgradable; seamless, no re-programming necessary when upgrading.
– One-year parts and workmanship warranty.

Customer comments

Here are some typical customer comments:

“…If you are looking for painless, on-the fly, rapid frequency changes while working the HF bands the Tunematic is truly the way to go…”

“…Customer support is very good and quick to respond…”

“… The product appears well built, inspection of the controller PCB revels good workmanship and quality components. Good construction practices were used, obviously these folks have done this before…”

“…Unit is well built and works well, highly recommend if you use a screwdriver HF mobile antenna…”

“…It was a straight forward installation and setup…”

“… I am sure I should have years of trouble free service…”

“…The workmanship is super and the product support is even better…”

“…After installing the tuner. It’s like the radio and the antenna are in sync…”

“…One of the best features of the unit is the fact that it does not to actively need to transmit RF over your antenna to tune. Also it recalls and tunes much faster from Band to Band. Overall A great auto tuner for any type of screwdriver HF antenna…”

“…This thing is so convenient and accurate you can’t go wrong…”

“… if you have a tarheel and want a quick, efficient, and ACCURATE tuner pull the trigger and get one of these, you won’t be disappointed !!”

“… It’s nice to own a product made it America, and nice quality enclosed in a metal case…”

“… It’s great to operate while on the road with one touch tuning…”

“…What an incredible setup!”

“…I will purchase one of these again and highly recommend the product…”

“…I have communicated all over the east coast, and westward all the way to Hawaii on 100 watts mobile…”